AMS Neve announces 2254R Mono Limiter/Compressor

Designed in 1969, the original Neve 2254 mono Limiter/Compressor unit quickly became a legend in its own right. Discreet, Class A design and transformer-coupled circuits used in the input, innovative bridge-driver design, side-chain and output stages ensured a totally unique sound. The original 2254 units are still sought after today by audio pioneers, decades after production stopped and they remain one of the “milestone” pieces of audio equipment.

And now here’s another milestone. The New Original. Introducing the Neve 2254R mono limiter/compressor. An innovative blend of the original late-1960’s design, which retains the unique sound and a new 1U 19” rack-mount form factor with improved features make the new 2254R a worthy successor to the original.

* Classic mono limiter/compressor made to the exacting late-1960’s design
* Hand-made in Burnley, England using original Neve specification transformers
* Original Neve 2254 discreet, Class A circuit design
* Transformer-coupled circuits used in Input, Bridge-driver, Side-chain and Output stages
* Manual Fast Attack Time adjustment and transparent level control
* Independent Limiter In/Out and Compressor In/Out selection
* Total bypass switch
* Multiple units can be linked together to provide multi-unit side-chain control from a single unit
* Compatible with Neve Recall software, simply connect the 2254R using USB to a host PC or Mac running Neve Recall software

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