System upgrade for Roland Fantom G-Series

Roland is pleased to announce the release of v1.10 system upgrade for the Fantom-G series workstations, adding powerful multi-sampling capability, a new “Favorite Play” screen, a BPM calculator function for samples, and new enhancements to Single, Live and Song modes.

The Fantom-G series has redefined the boundaries of playability and creativity with its advanced sound engine, revolutionary ARX SuperNATURAL expansion bay, jumbo-sized color LCD, powerful new audio/MIDI recorder, and first-class 88-note Ivory Feel (Fantom-G8) and synth-action (Fantom-G7 and Fantom-G6) keys.

The release of v1.10 adds a number of new features to the Fantom-G operating system:
* Powerful multi-sampling feature added to Patch Edit for assigning different samples to each key
* BPM calculator function for instantly determining the tempo of sample phrases
* New “Favorite Play” screen added to the Favorites mode
* New Undo and Record Cancel functions added to Song Mode
* New shortcuts added to Single, Effects and Song Modes
* Updated Input Settings screen combines input effects and level metering in one screen
* Other features and general system improvements

To download Fantom-G6/G7/G8 System Upgrade v1.10, click here.

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