E-MU Proteus VX software … for free!

E-MU Announces FREE Proteus VX download along with Included v2 Proteus X Composer Bank! As E-MU releases and launchs the next generation Emulator X3 Streaming Sampling Synthesizer software, E-MU celebrates and is pleased to announce that they will be providing the full version of our Proteus VX Software Sound Module software which includes the enhanced v2.0.1 Proteus X Composer Bank.

The Composer Bank is a special E-MU tweaked version that can be used in all versions of their Proteus X or Emulator X software. Proteus VX is not copy protected or card locked like other versions of the instrument and sampling software, and can be used either as a VSTi or in stand alone mode. You can get to the free download by clicking on the Proteus VX logo on the front page of the E-MU website.


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