Introducing the Ohm Limited Edition

Livid Instruments announces the arrival of the Ohm Limited Edition in color. Custom designed for real-time audio and video performance, Ohm gives you expressive hands-on control of sound, video, and images.

This top-quality MIDI instrument is backlit for use in any environment, and comes in rugged rack-mount metal, or handcrafted mahogany. Customers can now order the hand crafted Mahogany wood controller in a vibrant red, blue, green, or deep black. Livid Instruments will be producing a limited number of these four colors, available for immediate sale.

“Our wood bodied controller is inspired by the image of our favorite guitars,” states Travis Redding, Director of Hardware Development. “We always aim to give the electronic musician and video artist an instrument they can appreciate just as much as a musician appreciates a custom guitar.” The natural Mahogany Ohm has been recognized as a fine crafted MIDI instrument and Livid Instruments takes it a step further by offering these limited edition finishes. Redding goes on to explain, “We did quite a bit of testing to find just the right dye and stains that would give us the same rich and penetrating colors of those beautiful guitars.”

Livid Instruments will be producing a small production run of the introductory colors. Customers will also be able to special order other colors for an additional fee upon request. The Ohm Limited Edition can be purchased from an authorized Livid dealer or directly from the Livid Instruments website for $890.

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