Sonalksis Mastering Suite nearing completion

With a few more weeks of holidays remaining Sonalksis have just finished the last and very successful beta testing round of their upcoming Mastering Suite plug-ins. The testers will continue running the plug-ins in their live systems, whilst the guys at Sonalksis finish the manuals, presets and all the other bits and bobs needed for the forthcoming release.

For those of you yet not familiar with the new plug-in range, the Sonalksis Mastering Suite consists of a select range of plug-ins for Mastering Engineers, Producers and other Industry Professionals.

The Sonalksis Mastering Suite:
– MultiLimit – Multiband Mastering Limiter
– Maxlimit – Maximizing Mastering Limiter
– StereoTools – Stereo Imaging Processor
– Ultimate-D – Ultimate Dithering

* MultiLimit – Multiband Mastering Limiter
A superior processor for the most demanding mastering environment, with five
independent frequency bands separated by linear phase crossovers providing eq
and dynamics functionality, proprietary true analogue quality clip/smoothing, program
maximizing limiter, dither, extensive frequency analysis features and K-metering.

* MaxLimit – Maximizing Mastering Limiter
A program maximizing limiter with a unique true analogue quality clip/smoothing
option, K-metering and dither, all within a straightforward and intuitive interface.

* StereoTools – Stereo Imaging Processor
A complete stereo imaging, metering and manipulation tool with detailed visual
frequency, phase/positioning feedback and K-metering to aid set up and monitoring.

* Ultimate-D – Ultimate Dithering
An end-chain mastering tool providing ‘dither’ for digital resolution enhancement. The
processor uses advanced proprietary processing techniques to ensure unparalleled
resolution after quantisation.

All the plug-ins will be available in VST, AU, DirectX and RTAS versions, according
to their platforms, on OSX 10.4/10.5 and Windows XP/VISTA. Digidesign TDM versions will be released later in the year.


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