New Waldorf Blofeld keyboard version

On the Waldorf website there is nothing that reveals they have a Blofeld keyboard version in development or in production. But in the UK you can order the keyboard version of the Blofeld at the Dolphin Music webshop. So? What is up with that Waldorf?

According to the Dolphin Music website, the features are:
* 60 Megabyte sample memory
* Class compliant USB MIDI for PC,Mac and Linux
* 16 part multimode
* maximum 25 voices polyphony
* highest quality standard keybed with 49 weighted keys and aftertouch
* Internal power supply
* Pitchbend and modulation wheel
* Virtual analog, wavetable, and sample based oscillators
* MIDI in/out
* Sturdy metal case
* Stainless steel rotary encoders
* Backlit 128×64 pixel LCD
* Over 1000 sounds
* 3 oscillators, 2 filters per voice
* Selectable drive curves
* Frequency modulation for oscillators and filters
* Three LFO, four envelopes per voice
* Extensive modulation capabilities
* Complex arpeggiator
* Powerful effects section
* weight: apprx 8,– kgs
* weight in carton: apprx 9,5 kgs

The price at Dolphin Music is 599 GBP incl VAT. (742 Euro).

Thanks to the Matrix Synth blog for this heads-up.

Dolphin Music

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