Flux Solera now available in version II

Solera has been improved to reflect the last evolution of our algorithms which have been enhanced during the Alchemist development. Now, it features an external side chain management. Hysteresis Threshold, Max hysteresis, Hold, Detection Mode, Dynamic Profile, and a variable knee soft clipper are the new implemented features. Note also that this serious upgrade is free of charge for every Flux plug-in user.

Solera II is primarily designed for mastering and re-mastering applications. However, it can also be used as a regular dynamic processor for superior sonic quality and distortion free operations.

Four dynamic sections which are compressor, de-compressor, expander and, de-expander, are working in pararllel. Three release modes (manual, auto and, advanced) are available. In advanced mode the minimum and the maximum release values are user adjustable. An Auto Delay function allows to produce zero attack by intoducing a delay line on the processed signal. The sidechain features a three band equalizer to generate frequency sensitive processing. Angel’s Share is the parameter controlling the mix of an auto-ratio determined by the signal dynamic and, the manual ratio setting. Hysteresis is the parameter controlling the mix of an auto-threshold determined by the signal dynamic and, the manual threshold value. Angel’s Share and Hysteresis are the key features of all Flux dynamic processors because they rely on the dynamic range content of the signal, and not only on signal levels as standard processors do.

Many new functions have been added to the original Solera. External sidechain inputs are now available. New dynamic detection algorithms are available. The Hysteresis and Angel’s Share parameters are now independent for every dynamic section. Every dynamic section has now a Hold pararmeter and a Threshold for Hysteresis. Classic modes and Feed Backward modes are now available for signal level detection completing the legacy Solera mode. A Maximum mode can be engaged on the Hysteresis control permitting to process according both maximum values of the standard and the Hysteresis detection schemes.

Our exclusive A /B morphing system, enables a global and efficient control of the processing in a second.The preset manager allows to save global presets made of two different presets including the A / B morphing slider position. Note also that factory presets are provided for every plug-ins.

Solera II manages digital audio up to 384 KHz, up to 8 channels. This is the native version of the plug-ins for AU, RTAS and VST.


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