MOTU MX4 updated to version 2.2.

MX4 version 2.2 is now available as a free download for all registered MX4 version 2 users. Version 2.2 takes full advantage of DP6’s instrument pre-rendering. You will be amazed at the number of instances of MX4 you can run in DP6 with virtually no hit on your host computer’s CPU. Together MX4 and DP6 deliver an incredible combination of music making power and control.

MX4 is the must-have virtual instrument powerhouse for any MOTU studio. Inspired by legendary subtractive synthesizers, MX4 combines several core synthesis techniques in a unified, hybrid synth engine that delivers fresh and vintage sounds alike.

As you explore MX4’s many banks and hundreds of presets, you’ll soon rely on MX4 as your “go to” instrument. Fat basses, nasty leads, analog pads, vintage electronica — it’s all at your fingertips and conveniently saved with your DP projects for instant recall. Tweaking sounds is fast and easy with clearly presented controls in one window, and with a depth true synth programmers will appreciate. MX4’s flexible programming and advanced modulation architecture provide the intimacy of a vintage synth, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the innovation of a virtual synth.

Don’t have MX4 yet? For a limited time, you can upgrade to DP6 and they’ll include MX4 for only an additional $99 — that’s a $295 value with savings to you of almost $200!

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