Nintendo Korg DS10 hits europe

A new and affordable tool for electronic music fans everywhere has arrived. Prepare and create unique sounds, anytime and in any place, as one of the world famous KORG synthesizers heads onto the Nintendo DS.

Reproducing the quality and behaviour of original KORG products, KORG DS-10 provides a fully functional, complete synthesizer on the Nintendo DS that will allow musicians to improvise and record their own music alone or with fellow musicians when it launches across Europe on 10th October 2008.

KORG DS-10 lets you produce analogue synthesizer sounds and music samples on this pocket sized, convenient platform. Reviving the KORG MS-10 analogue synthesizer’s behaviour, KORG DS-10 enhances the experience of music creation thanks to the innovative features of the Nintendo DS. Use the Touch Screen to easily access all functions of the synthesizer, including the famous KORG KAOSS Pad which allows for easy beat and melody improvisation. With the stylus or your finger, open the mixer’s channels, lay down a kicker drumbeat, patch synthesizer sounds and add effects as you build up the perfect electro tune or pattern.

Work your way around the synthesizer, using a replication of the original KORG MS-10 interface spread across the two screens of the Nintendo DS. Switch interruptors, modify drumbeats by drawing marks or edit the synthesizer tone colour by tweaking knobs and connecting patch cables between the jacks on the Synthesizer Patch Panel. With the ability to save up to 18 different sessions, you can continually develop and build electro tunes and even wirelessly connect to fellow musicians’ handhelds to work on a project together.

Get ready to create your very own sound on this complete, professional and fully fledged KORG product as KORG DS-10 is made available across Europe on 10th October 2008.

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