Activision and Tiësto team up for DJ Hero

A DJ based spin-off of the phenomenally successful Guitar Hero game is due out next year, according to reports.

The DJ Hero spin-off has long been rumoured to be in the works by developers Activision, but the cat has apparently been let out of the bag by Dutch techno DJ Tiësto.

A newsletter apparently from the DJ was sent out to fans, saying: “We are proud to announce that Tiësto has teamed up with the game developer Activision and their latest DJ project. I am very excited about this! I think this is a great way to introduce people to DJing.

“Maybe they realise it’s not as easy as they think. I am sure this brings new fans to the scene, dance music is not far from hip-hop for example. Hopefully the music I have composed appeals to all kinds of fans!”

However, the DJs reps are questioning the validity of the statement and say that while he has been in talks with developers, his involvement has not been finalised.

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