Korg confirms release of new microKorg XL

Korg has officially announced a new addition to the microKorg family, the microKORG XL. This latest model boasts Korg’s powerful RADIAS/R3 derived MMT Multi Modeling Technology, as well as a powered-up vocoder. The updated ROM includes PCM data for recreating in-demand vintage keyboards such as piano, electric piano, and clav.

Externally, the microKORG XL boasts a new vintage design with a textured black body and industrial silver panel. The interface has also been enhanced, making it easier than ever to use. Sound selection is controlled by two large dials; three smaller knobs allow the main parameters to be easily selected. The newly-developed mini-keyboard is firm and responsive for even greater playability.

microKorg XL Main features:
* “New vintage design” is both fresh and nostalgic.
* Korg’s MMT Multi Modeling Technology, optimized for the microKORG XL.
* Sixteeen band vocoder for voice controlled effects. A gooseneck microphone is included, so you can begin vocoding right away.
* 128 powerful sounds are built-in and ready for immediate use.
* Intuitive sound selection; simply specify the music genre and instrument category.
* Seventeen KAOSS derived effects.
* Newly developed natural touch mini keyboard is compact, yet easy to play.
* Editing software can be downloaded from the Korg website, as well as converted MS2000 and microKORG programs.
* Battery powered for on-the-go enjoyment.

Korg states that the XL will be available in early 2009.

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