Serato press forward with a new form of hybrid record

Serato today announced an initiative to license their control tone to select record labels.

A Serato Pressing is a unique hybrid record that DJs can buy from their favorite record store. The new range of official Serato Pressings feature new release music on Side One of a Serato Control Vinyl.

Serato Audio Research have now pressed more Control Vinyl records than any other 12” vinyl record in the last 14 years according to music industry sources. Rare colored vinyl and promotional 7 and 10 inch pressings of the Serato Control Tone have fetched over $US400 a pair on eBay this year.

Bootleg vinyl pressings of the control tone have begun to surface in recent times. These illegal copies do not have the benefit of Serato’s extensive testing, resulting in poor performance with Serato’s Scratch Live software. To ensure high quality standards, Serato is now officially licensing the Control Tone under new venture called Serato Pressings. The result is a new form of vinyl record that will be hitting stores in December 2008.

The new record is a hybrid of music and the Official Serato Control Tone and bears a catalog number of authenticity. “Serato is genuinely interested in preserving vinyl culture” reports Product Manager for Serato Pressings, Bill Mitsakos. “Serato Pressings allows us to work with record labels and the few remaining pressing plants to cut a collectible series of records that have original music on Side A and the ability to control our software on Side B”. Serato Pressings have a solid schedule of releases lined up for 2009 in collaboration with record labels from around the world. Each release promises to be collectible and will be catalogued online for authenticity and quality control.

The first official Serato Pressing will be released and distributed by Mad Decent, the label started by revolutionary DJ producer Diplo. The limited edition 12” “Get Off” from Diplo and Blaqstarr will be available for pre-order on December 1st 2008.

Release information and sales locations are available at

Serato Pressings are distributed by the partner record labels and will be sold in traditional record stores and online vinyl stores.

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