2009 … here we come!

Swooooooossshhhhh! … Yeah, you are right, that is the sound of how fast 2008 has passed us by. To us 2008 went by very fast. A year that gave us some interesting new ‘gear’. Next to the countless updates and upgrades, we want to mention just a few additions to our Gear database that deserve that little extra attention, without disgarding all those other new 2008 products. Because we LOVE all the new gear!

Always a favorit amongst real gearheads is Dave Smith. He gave us that little funky yellow monster: the Mopho. Anyone who has seen it in real life? Yeah it is really, really yellow! Unmissable!

Early last year we thought we were getting a april first hoax on our hands. Moog announced their …. guitar. No doubt! It was a guitar alright! Not something we would have expected from Moog but it wasn’t an april first joke. And the fact that Moog is producing a high quality instrument is apparent as the Moog Guitar is getting great reviews worldwide.

On the Virtual Instrument side there is one new arrival that stirred the Music Software World. It is the Spectrasonics Omnisphere. With a pretty long teaser period Spectrasonics released details of their new Super VSTi for months and months before its arrival last year.

A trent started in 2007 was the arrival of controllers specific for DJ’s. In 2008 the EKS Otus was released. Because of its spunky, cool, high tech looks, this digital DJ controller gets a mentioning here.

And just at the end of 2008, Korg came with the MicroKORG XL. On its own maybe not that ‘special’, just an upgrade of the MicroKORG I hear you say. Well, yes. But what was interesting is the design. The XL has gotten quite the ‘vintage’ look. It looks like it comes from the early 70’s. Is this just a ‘one-off’ idea, or will 2009 give us more products that will embrace that vintage feeling? We don’t know, but we sure wanna find out. So goodbye 2008, …. hello 2009!

This small list of interesting products of 2008 is no denial of all those other cool new products we saw last year. We love all gear, … we are Gearjunkies!

We (the Gearjunkies team) want to wish all visitors and fellow gearjunkies a fantastic 2009, … nothing then the BEST!

Spectrasonics Omnisphere, AKAI MPC5000, Moog Guitar

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