Going Stealth with Numark

STEALTH CONTROL is professional DJ performance in a sleek, heavy-duty metal chassis. Club DJs and remix artists alike will find STEALTH CONTROL enables them to spend less time with their keyboard and trackpad and more time focused on the music. STEALTH CONTROL’s design is based around Numark’s other popular control surfaces, such as Total Control and OMNI CONTROL. Its intuitive layout mirrors traditional “two decks and a mixer” setups, so DJs immediately feel at home using the controller.

All of STEALTH CONTROL’s knobs, faders and buttons feature pinpoint performance. STEALTH CONTROL is housed in a rugged and heavyweight metal casing that is built for years of gigs and transports. Its heavy weight ensures that STEALTH CONTROL stays in place on virtually any surface.

STEALTH CONTROL ships with Native Instruments Traktor LE 3 and MixMeister Fusion Live DJ software. Traktor LE is one of the most popular dual-deck DJ applications, providing DJs a familiar turntable/mixer paradigm with which to mix their music. MixMeister Fusion Live delivers a completely different approach to DJ performance, with a timeline-based mixing environment that allows the DJ to think in terms of their performance over time. It is capable of handling many of the technical tasks, such as beat matching, automatically, enabling the DJ to focus on their performance. Combined, STEALTH CONTROL’s software suite gives DJs all the tools they need.

“STEALTH CONTROL is the controller DJs have been begging us for,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark. “It puts our best-selling Total Control layout into a heavy duty form factor, capable of handling some serious abuse.”

STEALTH CONTROL is available from DJ and pro audio retailers at an MSRP of $399.99 and an estimated street price of $299.99.


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