Numark MixMeister Control shipping with Fusion Live software

Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology, announces that the Numark MixMeister Control is now shipping with MixMeister Fusion Live software.

MixMeister Control, the hands-on computer DJ system, enables users to focus less on the computer screen and more on the performance. A bundle of hardware and software, the core of MixMeister Control is MixMeister’s innovative Fusion Live software. Optimized specifically for use with MixMeister Control, the application gives DJs a radically different approach to DJing, freeing them to focus on performance.

The software enables DJs to mix complete sets from full-length songs, integrate and edit loops, mix and produce performance mixes with full Digital Audio Workstation functionality. DJs no longer need to concern themselves with counting and matching beats, setting cue points or syncing keys, because Fusion Live can handle the technical chores of DJing automatically. DJs are liberated to be in total creative control to interact with their music and audience.

Acknowledging MixMeister Fusion’s Digital Audio Workstation capabilities and full-featured DJ performance, Numark delivered the one element missing from the MixMeister Fusion experience: tactile control. The resulting hardware control surface is specifically designed for interaction with and control of MixMeister software. The seamless marriage of hardware and software in MixMeister Control creates a new, completely intuitive computer-DJ experience.

MixMeister Control contains 94 pre-mapped hardware controls laid out in identical fashion to the software it controls. No configuration or setup is needed, and the single-cable USB connection carries both control data and power from DJs’ Mac or PCs to MixMeister Control. In addition, the controller is also capable of working as a MIDI control surface, allowing it to interact with other software as well.

“MixMeister Control transforms DJs,” said Mark Frederick, VP Sales and Marketing. “Rather than spending their time focused on getting the beat-matching and song transitions right, MixMeister Control empowers DJs to produce their performances in real time. The result is great performances by great performers who feed off the energy they get from their audience.”

Numark’s MixMeister Control with MixMeister Fusion Live software is now shipping to DJ and pro audio retailers with an MSRP of $499.99 and an estimated street price of $299.99.


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