Korg Kaossilator … Pink!

Korg is now offering a limited edition pink color version of its popular KAOSSILATOR, powerful pocket-sized instrument that packs Korg’s renowned sounds along with innovative performance features in an ultra-compact unit. This color option is in addition to the traditional yellow color.

Any user, from non-musician to professional keyboardist, can instantly play musical phrases by simply tapping or sliding his or her finger across its KAOSS Pad-style touchpad. The unit’s intuitive operation, battery-powered portability, looping features and wide range of sounds and patterns make it an integral performance piece, musical scratch pad or sample source.

The KAOSSILATOR offers 100 programs that combine Korg’s modeling synthesizer engine with the effects from the KAOSS Pad series. The touch pad’s horizontal axis is assigned to note/pitch, while the vertical axis is assigned to parameters such as cutoff, feedback or modulation depth, for a wide range of performance possibilities. In addition to classic synthesizer sounds, the unit features sounds that faithfully simulate piano, guitar and trumpet plus looped and one-shot drum sounds. Ten sampled drum patterns are also included.

The Scale function makes it easy to produce accurate pitches and “always perfect” phrases. The 31 scale types range from popular through unusual scales for creating distinctive phrases with an exotic flavor. In addition, a Key Setting function allows users to easily perform in any key and multiple octaves. An Arpeggiator provides 50 rhythmic timing patterns for additional rhythmic possibilities.

The Loop Recording function allows a phrase to be recorded with a specified number of beats (maximum 8 beats/2 measures) and played back endlessly. During each playback, different sounds and phrases can be added on and repeated indefinitely. This “stacking” of sounds results in complete musical works as simple – or complex – as desired.

The KAOSSILATOR runs on four AA batteries (included) or optional AC adapter (DC4.5V). Connectors include a Stereo Line Out (Dual RCA) and a Mini Headphone out.

Korg Kaossilator

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