10 year anniversary of the HardSID

In 1998 HardSID started as a spare-time hobby project from two enthusiasts. More then ten years later the HardSID name is well known by the musicians and C64 fans.

This year we can celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the HardSID project. The HardSID team couldn’t be happier, so they decided to give everyone their best special offer ever: the HardSID 4U is now available for only 199 EUR instead of 299 EUR!

The HardSID 4U is the most powerful SID synthesizer since the legendary C64:
    * Two CPUs and main memory
    * USB connection (compatible with both 2.0 & 1.1)
    * Isochronous USB endpoint for low-latency audio
    * VSTi interface with 8000Hz update rate on all SID registers (free)
    * Wave-in VSTi pin for routing 8000Hz signals to any registers (example: playing other VSTi’s sound on the volume register)
    * Full automation of all VSTi parameters
    * Superior sound quality (..it is a HardSID!)
    * Support for up to four SID chips (6581/8580/6582 in any combination)
    * Updateable firmware over USB
    * Microsoft Vista compatible (drivers for Win2000/XP/Vista)

..and if you’re a C64 fan:
    * Cycle-accurate playback of your favorite SID tunes
    * Digitized sound + high-speed playback with low CPU utilization
    * Seamless playback of .sid tunes while you work on your PC by providing a huge playback buffer for non-VSTi applications

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