Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5 now available

After unveiling the new version 5 of Cubase and Cubase Studio at this year’s NAMM show in Los Angeles, California, we’re excited to announce the immediate availabilty of all Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5 products online and at your favorite Steinberg dealer.


  • LoopMash: Brand-new, first-of-its-kind interactive loop synthesizer
  • Groove Agent ONE: Powerful drum sampling with detailed sound shaping
  • Beat Designer: New beat construction plug-in, works hand in hand with Groove Agent ONE
  • VariAudio: Gives you complete control over the melody and intonation in monophonic vocal recordings
  • PitchCorrect: Easy and automatic intonation control and scale correction of vocal and monophonic instrument recordings
  • REVerence: The world’s first VST3-based convolution reverb processor with an impulse library including over 70 pre-sets
  • New automation handling: More transparent and flexible than ever before
  • VST Expression: Ultra-intuitive new way of working with multiple instrument articulations
  • The new HALion ONE Expression Set 01 including a new set of 14 studio-quality instruments with multiple articulations for natural and expressive performances (ideal to try out VST Expression)
  • The new Channel Batch Export exports the audible output of multiple mixer channels to audio files, ideal to create archives or exchange projects with other production systems
  • Full support for 64-bit high performance computing under Microsoft Windows Vista 64 with up to 1 terabyte of addressable memory
  • Support for the new WASAPI audio driver technology, and therefore lower latency with generic on-board sound hardware under Windows Vista
  • Plus: A fully functional trial version of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra 16-bit Special Edition,perfect to exploit the potential of VST Expression in your arrangements.
    This trial version runs for 90 days, and can be easily unlocked online for EUR 99,-* for unrestricted functionality.
  • Of course, Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5 integrate perfectly with Steinberg’s innovative range of hardware, the CC121, MR816 CSX, and MR816 X.
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Don’t forget the Cubase 5 Grace Period Update Process for European customers



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