First look at DSPaudio Nortron 2

DSPaudio give us a first look at Nortron version 2. Nortron is a sequencing software that performs more musically than traditional drum grids and timeline interfaces, making you more human and less computer.

Nortron 2, what’s coming:

  • Contextual MIDI assignment (MIDI Learn)
  • 32 channels of independent sequencing
  • 8 channel control groups (for linked channel actions)
  • 4 VST Instrument or Effect slots
  • Ultrastep Automation (editable animations during play)
  • Quick Record (sounding good? write it to disk)
  • 12 new Modulation Targets (Note length, Velocity A & B, Channel Delay, Global Tempo, Local Pulses, Global Pulses, Local Row, Global Row, Local Pattern, Global Pattern. Insane sequencer feedback loops are possible.)
  • Improved graphics and themes including Neo Tron, Hacker, Lunar, and Hive
  • On Screen Transport Controls
  • DJ friendly (tempo wheel now has pitch offset and pitch snap) for synchronization to live sources (tap tempo gets you close, then dial it in)
  • Sequencer navigation by MIDI (use your MIDI keyboard like a computer keyboard)
  • Channel Transpose Opt-Out, for keeping keymapped drums from changing when using global transposition.
  • Local Transposition Controls
  • Improved performance
  • Usability Enhancements
  • The usual dead bugs, now mummified


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