Pacarana for Kyma Sound Design Environment shipping now

The most powerful sound design workstation on the planet. That is what Electronic Musician magazine calls the Kyma sound design environment. Future Music calls it the Holy Grail of sound design. Kyma’s strength arises from its unique set of algorithms, the ease with which you can create endless combinations of those algorithms, and the unprecedented degree of real-time responsive control over the sound parameters.

In 1990, Symbolic Sound first revolutionized the sound design and music software industry with the introduction of Kyma, a graphical modular software sound design environment accelerated by the software-reconfigurable Capybara multi-processor sound computation engine. The Pacarana is the fifth in a series of increasingly powerful sound computation engines designed and produced by Symbolic Sound to work in conjunction with the Kyma sound design environment (now in its sixth major release, not counting the hundreds of free updates between each major release). Symbolic Sound is committed to bringing the most advanced and flexible sound design technology to sound designers, musicians, educators, researchers, and creative professionals through its innovative hardware and software offerings.

A lower entry-level price, a smaller footprint, and a whole lot of extra horsepower make Kyma + Paca(rana) a supercomputer for sound designers and musicians. Symbolic Sound is now shipping both the Paca and the Pacarana. The entry-level Paca is available for US $2970 and the professional studio model Pacarana is available for US $4402.




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