VSL announces MIR Reverb Engine

After years of theoretical and applied research, technological changes, hardcore software development, even experiencing a few setbacks and repeatedly overcoming colossal roadblocks, an ambitious vision has finally become reality.

The Vienna Symphonic Library team embarks on their next mission, bringing space to a new dimension in virtual orchestral music. Vienna MIR, the software solution incorporating a complete reverberation and mixing stage is about to launch, with its first incarnation being ready for download in early 2009. An advanced DVD product will follow several months later.

VIENNA MIR, Multi Impulse Response Mixing & Reverberation:

  • A multi-impulse response convolution engine.
  • An all-encompassing, holistic orchestral mixing solution with a pioneering graphical user interface.
  • A stereo or multi-channel output stage that revolutionizes your arranging and mixing work-flow.

    * Highly specialized impulses of line arrays in 60° steps in six horizontal directions as well as upwards and downwards.
    * Up to 40 sectors per stage for instrument placement, with interpolation between sectors for seamless transitions.
    * Up to 5,000 individually recorded impulse responses for each room, depending on the size of the stage and the number of microphone positions.
    * Instrument-specific algorithms according to individual directional frequency profiles.
    * Four-channel Ambisonics recordings for output in various stereo and surround formats (up to 8 output channels).
    * Recorded from up to four carefully selected positions – from the conductor’s rostrum as well as from the audience perspective.

    * Intuitive graphic user interface with innovative multi-parameter control icon.
    * Real-time playing mode (low latency for arranging) and mixing mode (higher latency due to larger buffer size for calculating up to 20,000 convolutions during mix-down).
    * VST/AU inserts for each instrument channel as well as the master channel.
    * Character Presets for quick timbral changes, available for most Vienna Instruments.
    * Advanced GUI features such as Instrument Grouping, Hide Icon, Scroll Zooming etc.

Vienna MIR Download Edition:
    * Available in Q2 2009
    * Stand-alone application for Windows XP/Vista 64 systems
    * Runs exclusively with Vienna Instruments
    * Includes five halls of the Vienna Konzerthaus

Vienna MIR Premium Edition:
    * Boxed product, multiple DVD-ROMs
    * Available in Q3 2009
    * Stand-alone application and VST/AU plug-in for OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Windows XP/Vista 64 systems
    * Open for Vienna Instruments as well as any third party VSTi or other external audio signals
    * Additional acoustic spaces

Vienna Symphonic Library MIR



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