Windows Wave RT support is now shipping

Wave RT (Wave Real Time) is Microsoft’s new audio driver model for the Windows family of operating systems, including Windows Vista and Windows 7 (now in beta). Windows Wave RT support is now shipping for all MOTU FireWire and USB2 audio interface products, including the UltraLite-mk3, 828mk3, 896mk3, Traveler-mk3, 8pre and 828mkII-USB2 models.

Cakewalk SONAR already supports Wave RT, along with an emerging list of other Windows audio applications. When operating a MOTU FireWire or USB2 interface under Windows Vista or the Windows 7 beta, you can choose the new MOTU Wave RT driver for use with SONAR or any other Wave RT-compatible host application. A simple check box option in the MOTU Audio Console allows you to switch between Wave RT and WDM operation at any time for audio software that does not yet support Wave RT. If you prefer to use ASIO, you can run your host audio software with the latest MOTU ASIO2 driver, which is included in (and automatically installed by) the latest MOTU Windows driver package.

Wave RT support is now shipping with all MOTU FireWire and USB2 audio interfaces (including legacy models such as the 828, Traveler and UltraLite) in both 32-bit and 64-bit native formats. If you are an existing user, you can now download the latest Windows driver package with Wave RT support.

MOTU Windows drivers are fully qualified for use in Windows XP and Vista. Testing under Windows 7 is on-going, and all MOTU audio drivers (Wave RT, WDM and ASIO2) are expected to be fully qualified by the time Windows 7 ships.

Wave RT support for MOTU PCI-424 systems is now in beta testing and is expected to ship soon.



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