Clavia releases Nord Electro 3 OS version 2.02

The Nord Electro 3 OS has been updated to version 2.02. This update contains a few bug fixes – the “what-happened-to-my-tonewheel-leakage?” and the “Farfisa clipping/good for fireworks” bugs have now been eradicated. A more significant result of the update is the compatibility with the new Nord Sound Manager application and its feature set.

The Nord Sound Manager is our generic Librarian application. This Windows XP/Vista and Mac OSX compatible application allows you to manage the various sounds in an Electro 3 and relieves the duties of the Nord Electro 3 Manager. Upcoming updates of the Nord Wave and Nord Stage OS will also become Nord Sound Manager compatible.

The Sound Manager has received a few cosmetic makeovers and a couple of nifty features. It is now possible to copy programs by Ctrl-click-dragging a program to an empty location, you can double-click on a piano, sample or program in the Manager list to automatically select this item in the Electro 3 and you have more options to present the lists of items in a manner that you choose. A new Search box allows you to find any programs with names that contain certain characters, to e.g. help you organize the programs in the Electro 3 to suit your needs.

The Nord Sample Editor that you use when you want to assemble audio files and create NSMP-compatible samples, has also received a few tweaks as well, to make it compatible with the new Electro 3 OS and a forthcoming Wave OS. The OS update and the 2 applications can be downloaded from the Nord Electro 3 Download area.


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