Linplug RMV update and videos

Linplug has released version 5.0.4. of their Drum VSTi RMV.

RMV Drum Addiction improvements available for both Mac and PC:
– fixed multi import of samples on pads other than first pad
– fixed effects not being in sync with the host tempo
– fixed Loop Sample import being overdrawn by waveform display
– fixed LM4 import
– fixed error when deleting last path in sample path setup
– now one can browse more than 8000 items of a kind (pads, samples etc)
– sample preview now happens with pad parameters applied (filters etc)
– ECS can now automate ?group editing? (right mouse button), this is useful in example to automate the filter for all slices at once

Two more videos are posted on Youtube. An instruction on how to import your own loops at And an instruction on how to edit multiple slices at once (building groups e.g. for all kicks in a loop) at



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