SoniqWare releases SG-1 Spectral Noise Gate v1.0

SoniqWare SG-1 is a stereo spectral noise gate with parametric control over noise profile, spectral resolution control and graphical editor. Designed to provide radical noise reduction.

SG-1 Spectral Noise Gate Spectral noise gate / noise reduction:
– Capture noise profile from audio data
– Adjust using noise profile parametric eq
– Graphical display and edition of eq
– Knee, attack, release, resolution controls
– Load and save programs and banks
– Two channels (stereo)
– Wide range of supported sample rates
– Use of SSE/SSE2 instructions

Pricing: SoniqWare SG-1 is available for $199 / 159EUR, in VST format for Windows XP / Vista.




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