Reloop product news for the coming MusikMesse

Just in from Reloop: an overview what Reloop will announce at the MusikMesse 2009.

Reloop Spin! 2 – Professional digital vinyl systemWith Spin! 2 Reloop presents the evolution of its digital vinyl system. Spin! 2 is Reloop’s basic package for sophisticated and comfortable next-generation timecode deejaying. Sensationally beautiful and simply functional are the attributes of the newly developed Spin! 2 interface: Inside the compact, high-quality chassis you  find a 4×4 sound card with USB 2.0 that is convincing due to its extremely low latency. 

The interface comes with switchable inputs for line sources and a turntable. Thanks to the proper thru outputs it is possible to quickly switch between timecode and vinyl. The Spin! 2 software is also a milestone in the field of digital vinyl emulation: Many basic functions have been fundamentally upgraded. Due to the four-four time display and the tone pitch adjustment, harmonic mixing become as easy as never before.

The new Spin! Juggle function means explosive turntablism – it loads and synchronizes the track on the opposite deck at the push of a button. Spin! 2’s Free MIDI Learning facilitates perfect teamwork with any hardware controller. Spin! 2 is the new all-in-one system for the introduction to professional timecode deejaying.

Reloop Spin! 2+ – Professional digital vinyl system with interface controller
Spin! 2+ is the digital vinyl technology’s revolution: With its novelty DVS controller Spin! 2+ breaks down the barriers between hardware and software once and for all. With this professional package Reloop offers sophisticated and comfortable timecode deejaying in absolute perfection.

The Spin! 2+ interface is a spectacular world novelty: A complete MIDI controller for direct control of the Spin! 2+ software’s most important functions has been integrated. Due to  the double assigned 13 buttons, 6 turning knobs, 1 Trax Encoder in full mixer-size, it is possible to modulate effects, choose tracks and to intuitively cue and loop them. The Spin! 2+ interface can easily be placed behind a mixer and used directly and precisely like a conventional hardware player.

With the Spin! 2+ the notebook primarily serves as graphic display and music library – the important interactions with the software are operated via the controller and the timecode records. Spin! 2+ is the new all-in-one system for perfect professional timecode deejaying.

Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Controller Edition – Professional DJ software controller
With the Digital Jockey 2 Reloop gives Traktor DJs a controller that will make sound become truly tangible: A hardware control that facilitates such an immediate access to the world’s leading DJ software plus such a great handling of all functions that both components result in a perfect team up.

With its noble panel made of brushed aluminium the Digital Jockey 2 lies so well in the hand as never before. Its control panel is clearly arranged and is geared to all important Traktor PRO functions.

The red illumination is very striking, white captions indicate the way to the second MIDI level. DJs that have been working with CD players will feel at ease with the Reloop controller’s second generation just as quickly as DJs that have been controlling Traktor via computer. The new, high-quality pitch faders are very delicate and do not lock at 0%.

The Digital Jockey 2’s MIDI mapping is enormous: With the glistening white shift buttons a true double assignment of all MIDI commands becomes possible. This way it is possible to control up to 4 virtual decks simultaneously with the Digital Jockey 2 and Traktor.

Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition – Professional DJ software controller with audio interface
The Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition comes with an additional outstanding 4 channel sound card with 16 bit/48 kHz that offers a super fast USB connection as well as external inputs and outputs.

With the Digital Jockey’s Interface Edition 2 it is possible to directly monitor the virtual mixing channel thanks to the headphones input; this way the sound system can also be directly connected by cable to the Interface Edition.

The touch-sensitive, two-part jog wheels are an Interface Edition exclusive that facilitate a vinyl-like feeling when cueing, scratching, browsing and effect modulating. The adjustable knobs on the device’s front side for the crossfader curve plus the microphone and headphones equalizers are further additional features of the Interface Edition.

Reloop 10tion – 4×4 digital DJ interface
The Reloop 10tion definitely makes digital DJs become mobile. 10tion is a high-quality 4×4 USB sound card that connects DJ software to a sound system. 10tion is the perfect tool in order to connect DJ USB controllers that do not have a sound card of their own to an amplifier for example.

10tion is a born-and-bread ASIO compatible multi-channel card for Mac OS/X as well as Windows systems that can simply be connected via USB as plug-and-play tool. Perfect for laptop deejays: The adjustable headphones output facilitates true DJ monitoring.

Ideal for mobile live setups: The adjustable microphone input for the integration of a voice source. Via the switchable phono/line input an additional external player can join the game. Furthermore 10tion’s noble as well as robust chassis that indicates input and output signals via LED leaves an excellent impression.

For more info and highres images see the product pages from these new Reloop products at Gearjunkies.



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