Vestax VFX-1 hoax or not?

On the internet there is a buzz going around about the joined venture with Vestax and Serato and some fx unit for the VCI300 controller. The big question around the internet: is the Vestax VFX1 for real? Well….Gearjunkies got the answer!

And we from Gearjunkies know that this is not a hoax. I touched this unit at the MusikMesse 2009 in Frankfurt in a Vestax meeting room. I promised not to speak about the VFX1. Until now!

With permission from Vestax Japan Gearjunkies can officially announce that this effect unit will be released later this year. The VFX1 will be an extra effect unit that works together with the VCI300.

Small introduction from Vestax:

More possibilities, more fun. The VFX-1 effect midi controller expands the possibilities of mixing with the perfect digital DJ system VCI-300+Serato ITCH.

– Effect Channel select switch.
– Efficient parameter control with the high grade ALPS 27 rotary volume.
– New soft touch push switches.
– Mix with endless opportunities and expand the 300 to the ultimate DAW / mixer / controller.

Vestax promised us to tell us first when there is news, so stay tuned!




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