Free Microwave editors for MAC

12DECODE offers MAC system exclusive based sound editors for Waldorf MicroWave Synthesizers. There is an editor for the original Microwave (aka Microwave I, with software version 2.0 installed) and an editor for the Microwave II (including the XT line).

The sound generating architecture of the Microwave II is very similar to the MicroWave I, except the different concept with the “modulation matrix” and the possibility to change many parameters simply by control change messages and by turning the little knobs manually, so system exclusive programming may not be so important.

Nevertheless, it is always a nice feature to get control over the wave control tables, because these nitty gritty 8-bit samples are that, what makes these old synthesizers finally unique.

Another main feature that has been build into version 4.0 was the library centered sound program design. While it is nice to edit any parameter of a sound, it is even more practical to have an overview of all available sounds and also be able to save/restore them at any time.




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