Announcing the Livid Instruments Ohm Classic Recycling Program

In an effort to cut down on waste, reuse expensive components, and fight the growing disposability of consumer goods, Livid Instruments is pleased to announce the Ohm recycle program. Current owners of the Ohm Classic (a.k.a Ohm36) can send their Ohm control surfaces in to be converted into Ohm64 Models for $349.

The Ohm recycle program allows Livid to reuse the wood, fader and rotary knobs, crossfaders, rotary pots, ribbon cables, and fasteners in your Ohm, and repurpose them into an entirely new Ohm64 control surface. Your good-as-new Ohm64 will have a new aluminum faceplate, internal circuitry, backplate, and rubber button pads. The recycled controller will have all of the features of a brand new Ohm, but will reduce environmental impact and cost less then a brand new Ohm64.

While Livid Instruments do source their wood from mostly renewable forests, the wood bodies are hand crafted and do take a long time from being planted to becoming a controller. The recycle program makes Livid feel better about reusing the wood bodies, and saves on waste and natural resources that would go into making a whole new body. Steel from the old faceplates are also recycled and will most likely eventually end up taking form as another consumer based good.

To ensure the fastest turnaround, they will be scheduling recyclings in limited runs. The first run will start on July 23rd, and be completed in one week. In order to reduce any downtime you may have by not having your controller for a week Livid asks that you receive your Classic Ohm by the 27th so they can have it refitted and sent back to you in a timely manner. Ohm Classic owners that participate in this program also receive a free copy of Cell DNA that is customized for the Ohm64 controller.

To participate in the Ohm recycling program and reserve a spot in the first run, please contact Livid Instruments by sending a mail to

The Ohm recycle program is currently only offered on the wood models, a metal recycle program will be announced when they release the all metal version of the Ohm64.




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