Audio Ease releases free Altiverb 6.3.3 update

The free Altiverb 6.3.3 update reduces the memory footprint. With last years 6.3 update Altiverb became considerably lighter on the cpu, this year Audio Ease were able to reduce the memory footprint of Altiverb by 30 to 50%. There is no tradeoff. Everything still functions the way it used to, but your larger sessions will run smoother than before.


The free update 6.3.3 can be downloaded from the downloads page at On top of that we’d like to bring Altiverb’s latest free impulse response to your attention.

London’s National Theatre was released this month

They released a full set of factory presets from the legendary L224 hardware reverb unit

And they show you how close Altiverb gets to the real L224 in this movie

Audi Ease added 25 small rooms to the Altiverb post production ir set. Closets, toilets, living rooms, bathrooms, etc.

– But best of all, they have released one of these very special spaces that has the potential to become your go-to room in Altiverb, it is the breathtaking Amsterdam Singelkerk, a very open sounding wooden church with perfect dimensions.

Audio Ease really enjoys advancing Altiverb and its impulse response library and they hope you enjoy the results.



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