Indaba Music Console launched

Indaba Music JavaFX-powered digital audio workstation has been launched today. The functionality of the DAW allows people, for the first time, to record high-quality uncompressed audio directly to their browser and work both on and offline. The console features advanced web-based mixing and editing tools, real-time effects, and loops – elements that are critical to musicians and that they have paid a pretty penny for in the past. Indaba will also be unveiling a new homepage, community, sessions and studio pages as well as new three new memberships tiers (previously broken down in 2 categories): Basic (free), Pro ($5/month), and Platinum ($25/month).

Community page
Indaba puts control in your hands with a customizable community page where you can see what you want, where you want it, when you want it.
    * Community Feed: What’s happening right now on Indaba
    * Recommendations: Members and Sessions especially for you
    * The Indaba Charts: The most listened-to Members and Songs

The new My Studio page makes it easier than ever to manage and organize your sessions and other activities on the site.
    * Studio Feed: A quick glance at what’s happening in your sessions
    * My Checklist: What have you accomplished on Indaba? What’s left to conquer?
    * News: The latest updates from Indaba

The new Session page brings more simplicity and flexibility to the collaborative experience.
    * Guests: Collaborate with non-Indaba members
    * New Uploader: Add multiple files at once
    * View Options: Only see the info you need

Session Console 2.0
Thanks to the power of Sun Microsystems’ JavaFX technology and the whiz kids on our development team, Indaba Music is releasing the super-cool Session Console 2.0. As with any technology that breaks new ground (this is the first time a lot of this is possible), we expect you’ll have opinions on the performance and features of this alpha version. We’d expect no less!

Take some time to bump around the site, stress test the console, and send us your thoughts and insights. We’ll integrate your feedback as we roll out subsequent versions of the console.
    * Recording: High-quality audio recording directly to Indaba
    * Clips Library: Choose from hundreds of Creative Commons-licensed loops
    * Real-Time Effects: Chorus, reverb, EQ, flanger, and more!
    * Online/Offline Use: Use the console anytime, anywhere!

We still have our basic membership at no cost but now we’re offering new memberships with even more benefits! To learn more about the way the membership structure has changed and how it will affect you, click here.

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