Apogee announces compatibility with Snow Leopard

Apogee Electronics is pleased to announce Snow Leopard compatibility for Duet, ONE, Mini-FW, USB and X-Firewire interfaces.

New features of Snow Leopard-compatible Apogee software include:

– Snow Leopard compatibility.
– A single version of Maestro is now compatible with all Apogee products, including ONE and X-Firewire-equipped interfaces.
– Symphony Mobile systems now support SBus connection.

Snow Leopard-compatible software for Ensemble will be released next week (by Sept.4th), while Symphony software and drivers will be released the following week (by Sept. 9th). Please check the Apogee website for further announcements.

Updated Apogee software is available immediately from our website: support.apogeedigital.com

For more information visit: www.apogeedigital.com

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