Nord C2 Organ now shipping

Nord is proudly shipping the new Nord C2 Combo Organ. This is a direct descendant of the acclaimed and award winning C1, with the addition of many exciting features including a stunning baroque pipe organ. Ever since the introduction of the Nord C1 in 2007, life has been a bit easier on the organ player. No other unit delivers so much, at such a low cost, in such a compact and lightweight package. The sound and the versatility of the C1 has not only made it a player favorite, it has also received great accolades in the music press all over the world. With the introduction of the Nord C2, we now raise the performance bar a bit further – this is the new organ for others to compare against.

New features in the Nord C2:
Pipe Organ ­ The Nord C2 is equipped with a beautiful baroque pipe organ that complements its tonewheel and transistor organs. This new organ has a total of 21 stops distributed across the Swell (9 stops) manual, the Great (9 stops) manual and the bass section (3 stops). The pipe organ is ­ contrary to the C2¹s tonewheel, Vox and Farfisa models ­ sampled, using Clavia¹s longtime experience and expertise in the sample acquisition and sample playback technologies.

New keyboard action – The keyboard have been enhanced with a firmer action to better provide you with the rock solid feel of an original tonewheel instrument. The ultra fast response time is of course still there.

Improved output routing capabilities ­ The C2 treats the main left and right outputs as one group, separated from the other group, which consist of the Leslie 11-pin and High Level outputs. This provides an improved flexibility in the routing of the organ models. A tonewheel organ can e.g. always be routed to a rotary speaker connected at the 11-pin or High Level jack output and the pipe organ can be routed to the PA through the main outputs. Another scenario would be for the Vox* and Farfisa* to be routed to a combo amplifier via one of the main outputs, and the tonewheel organ to a rotary speaker connected at the High Level outputs. Other combinations of the organ models and outputs are also catered for.

Monitor input – Just plug in your mp3 or CD player to the C2 to be able to play along, rehearse or jam with previously recorded music without the need of an external mixer or sound system. The signal that is present at this input will be monitored through the C2¹s headphone output.

Percussion controls moved to the ³classic position² ­ The switches for the percussion controls on the panel have been moved, to the classic tone wheel organ position at the lower right.

Vibrato and chorus controls moved to the ³classic position² – The switches for the vibrato and chorus controls on the panel have been moved, to the classic tonewheel organ upper left position. When the pipe organ is used, these controls activate the tremulant effect.

Enhanced click ­ The click level can now be adjusted. The essential click artifact in the tonewheel organ model has been further enhanced. The level can be adjusted and the key-release component of this click has been
specifically modeled to further improve the authenticity of the tonewheel organ sound.

Drawbar Preview ­ This new function allows you to dial in a new sound while still playing without any changes being heard. When you are ready, the new setting can be instantly activated.

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