Stanton announces new SCS.3 System

By combining two of the Revolutionary SCS.3d controllers with the new SCS.3m MIDI mixer, plus including Native Instrument’s Traktor LE software, Stanton has put together the most popular SCS.3 configuration, all in one box ready to go.

In the SC System 3™, Stanton’s unique touch-sensitive control surfaces and Native Instruments’ new Traktor LE DJ® software come together to create a completely intuitive and reliable DJ control solution that allows you to plug and perform anywhere in the world within a matter of minutes.

The system includes 2 SCS.3d™ deck controllers and the SCS.3m™ mix controller, which magnetically join together to give you the familiar layout of a traditional DJ rig, but in a sleek, mobile format with easy to use, fully integrated software control abilities that far surpass any DJ gear you’ve used in the past. Small and lightweight, the SC System 3 makes taking your DJ gear from your living room to a party a snap. Simple powered USB connection allows you to DJ anywhere in the world with no hassle.

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