Vengeance releases MultiBand Sidechain plugin

According to Vengeance this plugin is unquestionably the most comprehensive and flexible sidechain plugin currently available, VPS MBS has the unique ability to process two bands (Low and Hi) completely independantly, and the Split Frequency is freely definable. Optionally, VPS MBS can run in Single Band mode, which also features several useful parameters that can only be found in this plugin.

Main features:
– VST / PC and PowerMac / Intel Mac VST / AU – runs in all compatible hosts
– comes with 32 powerful and pumpin’ dance presets by Manuel Schleis
– total control over 2 independent sidechain channels (Low and Hi)
– high quality 2 band EQ with smooth FFT in the background
– unique grafic interface (exact display of the audible sidechain effect)
– feely configurable main display with 8 predefined scenes
– free choice: you can trigger the sidechain with Audio signals, Midi notes or host sync
– Syncrosoft Dongle / Steinberg Key required (Nexus Dongle can be used!)






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