Wacom today announces the launch of Nextbeat

Wacom today announces the launch of nextbeat – an interface device aimed at professional DJs, that provides a new way of creating and performing music. nextbeat will initially be available in Japan and fourteen European markets from 25 September 2009.

nextbeat is a fully integrated professional DJ system, incorporating intuitive touch sensor controls and innovative live performance functions. Its wireless portable control unit enables performers to move free from the main device, resulting in more dynamic and energetic live performances, contrasting to the traditional style of DJs performing inside booths.

All in one machine
nextbeat combines two digital players, a two channel mixer, an effects processor and sampler in a single, lightweight and record-sized unit. Its 3.5-inch LCD panel displays information such as the track information, waveform, cue points and loop points providing all the functionality a DJ needs for playing music. In addition, nextbeat does not require a PC like many other DJ systems allowing DJs to quickly setup their gear and to reduce the necessary equipment.

Intuitive touch controls
nextbeat’s touch controls provide an intuitive and direct way to interact with the system, modify and control sounds and samples or add effects. Its circular touch sensor allows users to quickly switch between an analogue style turntable, an effects processor and a sampler. nextbeat also provides separate, independent touch sensors for controlling pitch fader, volume fader and crossfader.

All digital
Audio files are downloaded to the system either directly from a computer using a USB connection or stored on CF cards. nextbeat supports WAV, AIFF, MP3 and AAC-LC music file formats. nextbeat’s sampler function can be used to directly record digital sound sources, allowing sampled sounds to be incorporated into performances and modified. The effects processor features six types of effects, which can be applied to the sound of the selected channel.

nextbeat comes with a microphone input socket that can run through different effects and features through analogue output and S/PDIF digital REC OUT sockets for the master output, allowing digital recording to a digital audio workstation. It also comes with independent audio output sockets for each channel so that an external mixer can be used for the mixing. It also features a quarter-inch headphone output socket.

Distribution plan
In Japan, a nationwide distribution network has been established by setting up agents for major electronics stores where Wacom is already well-known, and at musical instrument equipment stores, which represents a new distribution channel.

In Europe, 8 nextbeat distributors have been appointed, along with authorized dealers in 14 countries. Presently, retail sales of nextbeat is only available through authorized dealers such as professional sound equipment and musical instrument equipment stores.

Pricing and Warranty
Japan: 169,800JPY (Consumption tax is included)
Europe: 1,599euro, or 1,399GBP(UK) (VAT is included)

nextbeat comes with a two-year warranty in Europe.
More information about nextbeat can be found at www.nextbeat.net

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