Apple enhance Logic to add full Automap integration

The latest update to Logic Pro, v9.0.1, has been enhanced to include full Automap integration. This full integration means that instrument settings and plug-in parameters inside Logic can now all be accessed from all Automap-enabled controllers, such as the brand new Nocturn Keyboard, an SL MkII MIDI controller, or an Apple iPhone or iPod touch running the Automap app.

Now, when using an Automap-enabled Novation MIDI controller with the latest version of Logic, the mapping of the knobs, faders and buttons automatically adapts to the plug-in that’s in focus on the screen. What’s more, with Novation’s SL MkII series of controllers, Logic’s parameter names appear on the LCDs, giving you labelled visual feedback next to the controls on your hardware.

Currently, the parameter mappings have not been optimised for Logic, however, thanks to Automap’s easy-to-use graphical user interface, you can customise and save the settings that best suit your workflow, then upload them to the Novation website user area.

Novation say that mappings for Logic’s key plug-ins will be included with an imminent update to Automap 3. Logic v9.0.1 is a free update to registered users of Logic Pro 9. To download the update, head to the support pages of Apple’s web site.




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