More new sounds for MOTU BPM: Hip Hop Planet

The first title in a new UVI Soundcard™ library series from EKOLOOPZ, Hip Hop Planet delivers fresh-off-the-street loops and beats that integrate seamlessly into your BPM sound library. But there is nothing “street” about the sound quality, variety and flexibility of these incredible new sounds.

First and foremost: sound quality
Recorded and produced at 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution, Hip Hop Planet was mastered at Sterling Sound in NYC by renowned hip hop/R&B mastering engineer Chris Gehringer. So Hip Hop Planet adheres to the same high-quality standards set by BPM’s included sound library, delivering that same punchy sound you won’t find anywhere else.

Built for BPM
Hip Hop Planet is not just a generic collection of loops. Instead, this 3.5+ GB library has been meticulously assembled and disassembled specifically for BPM. All material is supplied using BPM’s exclusive Construction Kit feature, which gives you complete creative control by supplying the individual components of each loop. For example, you can access just the shaker part, or even the individual shaker samples. View the demonstration of this powerful feature to see how Hip Hop Planet acts as a natural extension of your extensive BPM loop and sound library.

The result? Hip Hop Planet adds 87 construction kits and thousands of all-new, never-before-released loops, samples and beats to your BPM library. All material can be accessed from the BPM sounds browser in a variety of ways, giving you complete creative control:

  • Sliced loops and phrases
  • Individual sounds sorted by type and construction kits
  • Complete, ready-to-use drum kits
  • BPM patterns, kits, and pattern + kits
  • “X-Samples” — sample-based instruments extracted from construction kits





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