AAS Tassman 4 v4.1.3 Update

Applied Acoustics Systems releases the Tassman 4 v4.1.3 Update for Mac OS X and Windows. This is a maintenance update.

– Fixed Recorder crash on Windows;
– Fixed audio cuts when the plug-in window was displayed;
– Fixed MIDI Link crash on “Default” channel;
– Fixed Cubase 5 crash on Windows;
– Now works with Cubase 5 64-bit VST Bridge;
– Now works with Sonar 64-bit BitBridge;
– Fixed “Fatal Error 417” during authorization on Mac OS X;
– Fixed Edit MIDI Link dialog values glitch;
– Add MIDI Link menu was missing in DXi plug-in;
– Module info is now displayed on Mac OS X when a module is selected in the browser;
– Fixed Player module crash on Intel-based Mac systems when loading a preset made on an PowerPC-based Mac system;
– Fixed Builder/Player button crash when no patch was loaded;
– Fixed crash on polyphony change;
– Browser now prettier on Windows;
– Fixed stuck Applescript dialog in Mac OS X installer;
– Fixed optimisation option on Mac OS X.

Pricing and Availability

The Tassman 4 v4.1.3 Update is available now, free of charge to all Tassman 4 registered users.

Tassman 4 – Sound Synthesis Studio



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