Elysia mpressor plugin out now

The mpressor plugin is the as close as it can get emulation of elysia’s creative compressor. Its all discrete circuitry and its special character have been translated into software in all the painstaking details by the specialists from brainworx. The result is a high grade sum compressor, a flexible tool for single instruments and an inspiring dynamics effect processor at the same time.

The plugin has all the functions of the hardware which can be combined in many ways: Auto Fast for attack makes life easy even on longer attack settings. The Anti Log function offers an alternative release curve that can be engaged for instant pumping effects. In addition to standard ratios, the mpressor also provides negative values. Combine this with its extremely fast attack times, and you will be able to create completely new signal envelopes.

The Gain Reduction Limiter regulates the virtual control voltage and keeps even the most extreme settings under control – completely independent from the threshold and ratio settings. The additional filter is a perfect fit for changing the compressed signal in its sound character. The possibility to control the mpressor by an external sidechain to get things grooving makes for further flexibility.

The mpressor is available in RTAS, VST and AU formats – TDM coming in December. The price for the native version is 293 Euro (approx. 440 USD) excl. VAT. A free 14 days trail version is available for download at www.elysia.com

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