MODARTT releases Pianoteq PRO

MODARTT is proud to announce the release of the eagerly awaited Pianoteq Pro. Its major novelty is the note per note adjustment for physical parameters which gives you the ultimate tool for sound shaping and instrument creation. Announced in June 2007 on the Pianoteq forum and awaited by many customers, Pianoteq Pro is the advanced version of Pianoteq.

Powerful Note Edit
For the first time in the history of pianos, complete control of physical parameters of the piano is made available to the user. In the real world, reshaping a soundboard would require several weeks of work in the factory. With Pianoteq Pro, you have a new soundboard only one mouse click away!

Pianoteq Pro offers note per note adjustment for no less than 22 physical parameters, such as tuning, unison width, hammer hardness, strike point, string length, spectrum profile, soundboard impedance, damper position… In fact there are thousands since each overtone of each note can be controlled separately with the spectrum profile parameter!

In 1977, Gabriel Weinreich concluded his grounding article “Coupled piano strings” with “In any case, one could expect to build a better piano if the aftersound could be more deliberately controlled through an appropriate understanding of the soundboard”. Thirty-two years later, Weinreich’s dream is becoming reality with Pianoteq Pro.

Share your creations
All instruments created with Pianoteq Pro can be loaded in both Pianoteq Pro and Pianoteq Standard for use by the whole Pianoteq community. Instrument creators can thus “duplicate” and share their creations – an impossible task to achieve with acoustic pianos, thus yet another revolution in the history of piano manufacturing!

Features in short

  • New acoustic model
  • Mic position – up to 5 mics
  • Multi channel – up to 5 channels
  • New grand pianos C3 and M3
  • New electric pianos: Rhody and Wurly
  • New effects: Tremolo and Limiter
  • New parameters: pickup position, sound speed, and more…
  • New interface design
  • Unlimited perspectives
  • Advanced preset and parameter manager
  • 64-bit version available for Vista x64
  • Native Linux (x86) version available

PianoTeq Pro




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