HG Fortune releases new Arracis Gold VSTi Synthesizer

Arracis Gold VSTi Synthesizer’s most significant feature is the 4 x 8 osc step sequencer with adjustable gatelength + modulation on gatelength. With this step sequencer you can have a quite rhythmical output incl short blips (stepping among the oscillators in selectable sequence) plus mixing to the normal (steady) output signal for vivid Pad or Athmos. Thus it is easy to get really fascinating sounds even at the oscillator section only. In addtion the 2 inbuilt filters provide further means for tweaking. Finally at the output section there is Spook fx and two delays in series incl. pan modulation for delay and direct out for stunning spatial movement in stereo.

You might be amazed about the sophisticated sounds being possible with this easy to access synthesizer.

Main features (Pro version):


  • 4 PCM wave oscillators with 384 waves in 3 banks with mixable output in groups of 2
  • (User wave files or SF2 can be loaded into each osc slot)
  • 4 x 8 osc step sequencer with various setting incl. gatelength, hard/soft knob etc.
  • Mixable output of stepped and normal (steady) osc signals incl modulation
  • 1 24 dB resonant LP filter with ADSR EG and Modulation
  • 1 12 dB resonant HP filter with ADSR EG and Modulation
  • Filter bypass + modulation
  • 1 Bass Enhance
  • 1 Spook Fx
  • 2 Delays in series
  • 3 Pan (direct, delay 1 and delay 2) incl. modulation
  • 6 LFO + 1 S&H as mod sources
  • 6 Lazy Buttons (use ‘All’ for limitless patch switching 😉
  • 10 voices
  • Key Velocity on Amp, LP & HP Cut, and Filter bypass
  • Arracis Gold Pro is available for 25 Euro only (introductionary offer, regular price will be 29Euro). You may buy the Pro version in my shop VST/i Shop.




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