Receptor 2 Gets Solid State Drive

Muse Research is debuting a new Solid Sate Drive (SSD) technology option for the RECEPTOR 2 PRO line of hardware plug-in players at the 127th AES show in New York City. SSD dramatically increases the data throughput of the RECEPTOR 2 PRO and PRO MAX for greater polyphony and lower latency, as well as increasing the ruggedness of an already robust design by replacing the traditional rotating hard drive with solid state drive technology with no moving parts.

The SSD option is available on either the RECEPTOR 2 PRO or RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX models, and offers either 128GB or 256GB of storage. These new storage devices dramatically enhance the performance of the already-impressive RECEPTOR 2 pro or PRO MAX by increasing the speed at which data is read from the drive by a factor of up to 5 when compared with a standard hard drive mechanism. The result is a dramatic increase in polyphony, along with reduced boot time, faster sample loading, and the ability to run some sample-based programs at much lower latency settings.

Two drives available: 128GB and 256GB.
Based on extensive testing and real-world touring experience, Muse R&D offers two configurations of this technology to customers like film composers and mission-critical touring situations where high polyphony and the ultimate in reliability is required.

“The solid state drive technology offers significant performance benefits to our most demanding customers,” comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Product Development at Muse Research and Development. “The incredible data throughput coupled with the fact there are no moving parts in these drives is just one more way in which we can make the RECEPTOR 2 the ultimate synth, sampler, and sound module more powerful and more reliable.”

RECEPTOR 2: Road proven and now virtually indestructible
Many of the world’s biggest bands and most famous artists use RECEPTOR 2 to run their synths, samplers, and effects both in the studio and on the road. That’s because RECEPTOR 2 packs massive amounts of power into a 2-rack space box that weighs only 18 pounds. The addition of optional SSD technology to RECEPTOR 2 not only improves the performance of any RECEPTOR 2, but it also offers reduces the weight of the product as well as drastically improving the mechanical ruggedness of the product since the drive subsystem has no moving parts.

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