New midi controller series from M-Audio

Nothing on the M-Audio website but several webshops already are placing the new midi controller keyboard series on their websites. So we can expect that M-Audio is introducing their new (upgraded) OXYGEN series pretty soon. Available with 25, 49 and 61 keys.

The OXYGEN series are controllers with a built-in MIDI interface and 35 MIDI-assignable knobs, sliders and buttons, all of which provide complete control over any MIDI hardware or software. The keyboard is capable of storing 10 different setups in on-board non-volatile memory, while the Enigma editing software for Mac and PC (free and downloadable) helps manage an infinite number of these.

The controller has what it takes to access all the deep parameters in modern software and hardware – use the 9 MIDI-assignable sliders for software mixer volumes, or as drawbars on a virtual tone-wheel organ. Map the 8 knobs to any synthesizer parameters you want to program or perform with – or to mixer controls like volume, panning and effects send. Assign the buttons to trigger samples and anything else that is MIDI-programmable.

The Advanced Function button allows the keyboard to serve as a data-entry device for controller assignment and similar setup functions, while the front-panel, 3-segment LCD provides the information you need about programming parameters at a glance.

Again, this information hasn’t been officially released. As soon as M-Audio sends the information we will let you know.





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