Dutch Instruments Fenix XL second prototype

Finaly the second prototype of the GT is ready.  A number of updates has been done in this version. Also new functions are added to some modules.  Prototype 3 will be having new pcb and some additional features. Sample
Please note that the proto are 2 units in one case!! The sequencer (XL1) and the synthesizer (XL2). 

The XL2 is a Modular Synthesizer and Audio processor. The first proto type are only board. The second prototype

will be one with a case.

The prototype of the synth Fénix  has 103 potmeters, 9 switches and 230 banana sockets (> 140 inputs) compared

to fenix 1 which have 63 potmeters, 3 switches and 158 banana sockets.

The prototype has 3 times the number of ic’s compared to the Fenix 1.


The main modules in the prototype are

3 VCO´s, Each VCO has different options and 14 to 16 I-O sockets

4 different VCF´s ( SVF, 24dB Lp, BPF, 12dB Lp)

8 mixers  (Audio and CV)

2 envelope generators

3 VCA´s and 1 Ring modulator

1 stereo output with dual pan with VCA´s.

Further there is a analog and  digital noise, audio input module, wave shaper, S&H and other small modules.

Further, just to experiment and fun, a stereo phaser, dual chorus, SSQ, 8 steps sequencer with clock

and 3 different LFO´s (1 simple and 2 complex).


More info on www.dutchsynth.nl

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