New sounds and samples on Sample Friday

These are the releases we have encountered this week on the Loops and Samples front. Just like the quality of the audio software we use these days the quality of the content we use (loops and samples) equally matches the high standards of this software. Below is this weeks selection.


Atomic Energy



Twisted Electro Beats

Groove Loops

H20 Sound FX

Ultra Distorted Drum Kit



Modern Sessions

Club Grooves: Urban Strings

Urban Pop Ego’s

Black Eyed Energy Vol 2

SoulTown Samples Vol 2

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Time + Space

Dark Skies – Cinematic Ambiences


Sounds of Berlin



Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity

Bulletproof Hip Hop Grooves



Twisted Electro

Broken Rules Hardcore Tekno

Drum Damage


Click Produce

Total Tech Grooves

Acoustic Blends

Acid Techno Grooves


Please note that from next week on we will change Sample Friday into Sample Saturday, as many releases are posted on friday afternoon. There ya go!




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