Tone2 Audiosoftware release Dance & Trance Expansion

The Dance & Trance expansion is an expansion pack for Gladiator 2, designed by professional sound designers:
Markus Feil, Bastiaan van Noord, Bryan ‘Xenos’ Lee, Alusio de Lima, Dajan Izzo, Massimo Bosco, Marco Scherer
and Patchen Preston.

Dance & Trance includes new add-on features and a collection of 324 ingeniously programmed sounds,suitable for a wide range of genres including Dance, House, Trance, Ambient, Progressive, IDM, Pop and Electronica. A must have if you’re looking for new sounds, or want to expand Gladiator with more features.

Expansion highlights:

* 324 inspiring, unique presets aimed at miscellaneous genres of electronic music

* Eight additional filter types: LP Dirty1, LP Dirty2, LP Voca1, LP Voca2, BP Moog, EQ Wide, Allpass and Comb

* Two additional distortion types: Asymmetric and Soft saturation

* A new waveshaper with formant like characteristics

* Stereo Trance Gate: featuring 22 patterns for rhythmic gate effects

* Reverb Ultra: reverb ultra uses a new high-quality reverb algorithm, its soft and diffuse sound make it especially suitable for larger rooms and sculpting the proper ambience

* Three reflection effects: early reflection, reverse reflection and gated reflection

* Aliaser: a LoFi retro-effect that works by mirroring the signal’s spectrum at the cutoff frequency

* Stereo Enhance: a stereo width effect, equipped with a High-Shelf filter to expand the stereo field, while keeping the lower frequencies intact

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