UMG and Serato announces secure digital delivery service for DJs

Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s leading music company, have commenced promotional music delivery to DJs using

The Serato Whitelabel Delivery Network has successfully delivered 3 million tracks to over 40,000 DJs worldwide during over the past year. Working with UMG marks the first collaboration of its kind between a major recording company and a service specifically designed for DJs.

“Serato is setting the standard for professional DJs that are breaking hits on the radio and in top clubs,” said Vincent Freda, Executive Vice President of Digital Logistics for Universal Music.  “Using their service, we can reach the DJ directly and quickly with new music. is more efficient than sending vinyl records and more secure than delivering conventional audio files over the internet.” 

“We developed the service with input from Universal that was completely invaluable,” reports Sam Gribben, General Manager of Serato. “They have so much experience with music distribution and helped us figure out the essentials for all labels, no matter how big or small. In turn, we were able to provide them with the security of our Whitelabel audio files to ensure that music could not be leaked or distributed illegally.”

The Whitelabel MP3 format is a high quality audio file that is ID-tagged with artist and song information, and pre-analyzed for use with Serato DJ software. These files will play as a low quality preview in any MP3 player, and a high quality version when played through Serato approved hardware. provides a direct relationship between record companies and performing DJs, reigniting the tradition of breaking new music in clubs. Moreover, provides record labels with coveted statistics and feedback on fresh new music as it is introduced to DJs, while enabling DJs to host unique versions of songs with all of the track information they need prebuilt in the audio files.





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