New Steinberg Sequel Content Sets now available

World Beatz, Electronic Dance and Groovy 70s are three new Sequel Content Sets that Steinberg is releasing today. Each set contains hundreds of top-quality loops and is compatible with Sequel 2 and all Cubase versions from 4.5 and up.

The new sets provide great-sounding loops which together cover a vast number of music styles including hip hop, world music, dance and ’70s funk. The content is arranged in practical construction kits that are easily accessible thanks to the smooth integration into MediaBay.

With these newly available sets, Steinberg boasts a total of thirteen Sequel Content Sets: Elektro, Rock, Hip Hop and Hip Hop 2, 80s Pop, Industrial, Funky, Chillout, Reggae, Orchestra plus the brand-new World Beatz, Electronic Dance and Groovy 70s sets. Each set consists of 200–350 loops, letting you discover new music styles and giving you inspiration for your own musical ideas.

The Sequel Content Sets are exclusively available to download in the Steinberg Online Shop!




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