TC Electronic announces a revamped G-System

The best guitar effects system just got even better – G-System has been updated with a redesigned input circuit and a new software update with more effects, more features and 100 new presets.

Widely recognised as the most complete guitar system in the world, TC Electronic’s G-System is a revolutionary guitar system that offers guitarists the very best in effects, amp switching, floor control. G-System is so flexible that it even allows for full integration of third party stomp boxes. Now TC Electronic has redesigned the analog input circuit of the original G-System providing a totally pure uncoloured signal path.

All new G-Systems ship with version 4.0 software, which is also a free upgrade for existing G-System owners and a sure-fire package of extras that makes G-System an even more irresistible solution for guitarists everywhere.

So what’s in the v4.0 update? The first big addition is the number of effects on offer. A new Univibe effect has been added, which is ideal for the Hendrix ‘Machine Gun’-style phase-shifting effect. A brand new doubler is also included, which offers the classic doubling effect so prevalent in ’80s and ’90s Rock and Metal. The reverbs have also been reprogrammed from the ground up and now offer even more realistic room and spring reverbs.

Other features include a new KillDry option so G-System can be easily incorporated in a parallel effects loop or with a line mixer. Last but by no means least are 100 fantastic new presets providing inspiration across all genres. The update is free and existing G-System owners can find out how to upgrade their units here.




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